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        this is a new processing technology developed by krauss-maffei. two-shot molding combines the advantages of both processing technologies. in the first step of the work cycle is to produce a thermoplastic base. in the second step, the base material is part or all of the polyurethane that is injected into the mold. the technology is easy to obtain all the advantages of combination of thermoplastic and polyurethane material. plastic substrates can be used to created multi-functional elements, reinforcement and the accessory assembly point, thus demonstrating a high degree of functional integration and strength. the surface conducts foam injection molding in the second cavity of the mold. the surface properties of coriaceous feel and soft touch can be manufactured by using polyurethane system.
         there are large market share and development space for skinform technology in china' market in the next five years:
        firstly, from both feel and touch, it can give designers a wide range of design space. in particular, the effect of using this technology to imitate the leather is very realistic. secondly, compared to other technologies, it has more advantages in the performance of various aspects including strength. thirdly, the cost falls. compared to using the leather, the production cost decreases by 50%; compared to using slush molding, the production cost decreases by 20%. therefore , within five years, there will be breakthroughs in the development and application of skinform technology.
  advantages of skinform:    
  1. technical advantages injection molding and advantages of automated processing:
  one-step forming
the simplest way is used to produce complex components
design flexibility
high-precision fixtures and high fit
mature multicomponent mold and switching technology
polyurethane products with a variety of contrasts on the surface visual features short production cycle
automatic production, convenient for post-processing
  2. material advantages
  high quality feel, the appearance and touch is close to the leather
high scratch resistance and high abrasion resistance
whole or in part feels soft
product thickness has no obvious relationship with the length of the production cycle
thin coating-enhancing the cost-effectiveness of the substrate
high-quality and distortion-free reproduction of the mold surface texture (any texture)
change in a variety of colors and innovation of pigment metering
making up for the defects on the surface of plastic products (burr , shrink, scratch, mix point, and mismatch)
the defects of the deformation of composite parts can be avoided