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          since its inception, guangzhou echom science & technology co., ltd. has being focused on the development and manufacturing process of tv products built-in audio and peripheral products. since it officially launched soundbar product in 2010, it has been dedicated to the design of easy-to-use audio products, providing customers with high-quality and convenient audio enjoyment.
        we exploit echom advantages of industrial design and institutional development in the field of av to the full, gather electro-acoustic outstanding teams, and specialize in developing supporting audio products of flat-panel tvs and monitors. the core development team has over 20 years of professional experience in audio design . relying on its dedication to the application and research in the technical aspects of digital electronics audio for many years, it continuously provides complete design solutions for the applications of digital audio. in addition, it can provide customers with one-stop services including audio conceptual design, industrial design, structural design, electro-acoustic development, and manufacturing according to customers' requirements, providing customers with the best product solutions. in order to adapt to the interconnection between the handheld mobile products and audio products and the development of blu-ray audio decoding, since 2012, echom has been focusing its r & d direction on bluetooth module, dolby dts decoding , hdmi high-definition decoding, pcm fiber decoding, 2.4g technology, and wifi interconnect technology, producing reasonable solutions that are adaptable to market changes and taking advantage of the market for the product innovation. current products include 2.0 bar-type soundbar, 2.1 separate subwoofer soundbar, docking apple products, separate subwoofer, and the desktop pc mini speakers.
        we have been upholding the beliefs of "innovative design and convenient technology", try our best to make progress, provide customers with quality service, and create a brilliant win-win situation to share the future!